Australian Cricket's
A Sport For All
Inclusion Survey
The A Sport For All Inclusion survey is designed to help you
work towards becoming a more inclusive and diverse cricket club.
A key part of growing and sustaining participation is being an inclusive and diverse club/association. This 10 minute survey will help you assess the inclusiveness of your club/association. 

It will help assist your efforts to attract and retain new people and help ensure that cricket is A Sport For All Australians.

Please note: by completing this survey, you consent to the storage and use of information, including your contact details, by Cricket Australia and State and Territory Associations. If you do not consent to this, please stop here and do not continue.

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Have club leaders attended one of Australian Cricket's A Sport For All Inclusion and Diversity Workshops?

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Let's get started. The checklist is divided into 6 sections based on the information and strategies contained in Australian Cricket's: 

A Sport For All
 Guide to Inclusion and Diversity.   

It should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

Step 1: Look inwards: Educate and create a welcoming environment

Are your club’s plans, statements and policies supportive of 'inclusion and diversity'? *

Are your members and volunteers committed to your club being inclusive and diverse? *

Has your club audited its facilities and venues to ensure the club environment is welcoming and accessible to all? *

Step 2: Build understanding and competence in leaders

Do club leaders understand the common barriers to participation experienced by some members of the community? *

Does your club have strategies to address barriers to participation such as the cost of membership fees, uniforms or equipment and access to transport? *

Does your club have a review process or forum in place for participant feedback on the club environment and any gaps to be addressed? *

Step 3: Know your local community

Do you know which groups within your community might be interested in playing cricket? *

Has your club built relationships with community leaders who understand cricket and can help you link up with different community groups? *

Does your club encourage a sense of belonging by accommodating peoples' lifestyle and cultural preferences where possible? *

Step 4: Look outwards: Partner and communicate

Do club/association communications use plain language and languages other than English where appropriate? *

Do you actively promote club activities and events in the local community? *

Do you partner with local organisations who have connections with the communities you are trying to engage with? *

Step 5: First engagement

Does your club offer introductory experiences that are short, fun, family-friendly and non-competitive? *

Does the club have an induction process to welcome new members and their families into the club? *

Do you follow up with new participants to make sure they had a positive experience? *

Step 6: Retain and champion

Does your club encourage members of diverse backgrounds to be committee members, volunteers, coaches, umpires and scorers? *

Are your club officials and members regularly made aware of your policies, statements and strategies supporting inclusion and diversity? *

Do you actively celebrate the diversity of your community across your annual calendar of events? *

Thank you for completing the A Sport For All Inclusion Survey.  
A copy of your results will be sent to the email address you provided.

The results will help you take the next step and draft A Sport For All Action Plan 

Need more motivation to get started? Check out the A Sport For All website for video case studies about local clubs who are experiencing the benefits. 

The website is full of useful, tips, resources, tools and examples to help you on the path to being a more diverse club and ensuring that cricket continues to be Australia's favourite sport - A Sport For All Australians.
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